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About Deescon Cleaning Services

The Deescon Cleaning Services is the cleaning arm of Deescon Recruitment, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for homes, companies, and offices within London. Our professional cleaners are happy to take on all sorts of jobs, from a 15-minute quick spot treatment for your home to a thorough top-to-bottom deep cleaning service for your home, office, or commercial property. With our high standards, reasonable prices, and special offers you get excellent value for your money. Don’t hesitate to call us today on 02070181900

10 reasons to call us right now:

  • Free estimates over the phone

  • Competitive and unbeatable flat rates.

  • Flexible slots including late nights, weekends, and bank holidays.

  • Our local cleaners are fully trained, vetted and insured.

  • Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We use our client’s checklist provided.

  • We supply all the best cleaning products and best commercial cleaning equipment to ensure a high quality clean if required.

  • We carry out random spot checks on our cleaners to ensure the cleaning meet our client’s expectation.

  • Flexible operating working hours

  • Company in line with the latest H&S Regulations

  • Tailor made task list according to your requirements.



Our Domestic/Residential Cleaning

Our domestic cleaning covers: -

a. End of tenancy

b. General house cleaning

c. One off cleaning

d. Oven cleaning

a. Vacuuming your house/office

All of our cleans include a vacuuming service. Our cleaner will use a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to ensure that any small amounts of dirt, debris, animal hair or grit is removed from the carpet or hard floor

We check your bin, Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Any room that contains a waste basket will be emptied, cleaned and replace accordingly. The old waste bags will be removed by our cleaners.


Both hard and soft furniture will be carefully cleared and cleaned to ensure that they are maintained to a high standard. However, soft furniture such as sofas and beds will not be cleaned into detail as there are separate upholstery cleaning services available


Limited to hard floors, usually kitchens and bathroom spaces. However, some properties have hard floors fitted through-out. If so, our cleaners will ensure that anti-bacterial solutions are used to make sure that the area is as clean and safe as possible. Be careful though as when wet, the hard floors can become a bit of an ice rink!


Cleaners will thoroughly dust the entire area. Carefully covering ornaments, picture frames, electrical items and anything else that may cause dust to settle. We will even ensure that any cobwebs are removed from ceiling corners and behind hard-to-reach areas.

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We also offer One-off deep cleaning service

Same day cleaning

Pay As You Go

From just £14/h

The estimated amount for your booking will be held on your account. You will be

charged after the cleaning session is completed according to the actual time our

cleaner worked.

Manage your booking online

As soon as you have placed a booking, we shall contact you to make arrangement on

how our cleaner can get the job done. We shall give you a code which you will ask

our cleaner on arrival.

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Our Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial service is more for those things that you will encounter in a business. Commercial waste clean-up, hazardous clean up, or heavy cleaning are all things that define our commercial cleaning services. You know that whether you are a shop, superstore, car showrooms, busy shopping centre or complexes, the image of your building  or warehouse plays an important part in the image of your business. 

That is why either one off deep cleaning or contracted Services, we can work with you (our clients) to make sure the right bespoke cleaning regime is put in place to suit each of our clients exacting requirements.

We are here to focus on your cleaning so you can focus on your business.

 Cleaning, sanitising & restocking in restrooms.

 Detailed cleaning of high-use areas

 Carpet vacuuming, deep cleaning & stain removal

 Caring for hard-surface floors office system cleaning Window washing

 Nearly any other cleaning you want.


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Deescon Cleaning Services health and safety tips.

1.Make others aware that you’re cleaning.

Using the correct signage will help prevent slips, trips, and falls happen to any other members of staff or visitors. If you are mopping the floors, for example, ensure the cleaning sign is in a dry area so people can see it before approaching the wet area.

2.Use correct equipment

Protective gloves should always be worn when dealing with substances that can cause skin sensitization. Different cloths, mops, and buckets should be used for different areas to avoid cross-contamination.

3.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Your supplier should provide you with the right PPE. If you wear single-use gloves, throw them away after each task. Waterproof and slip-resistant footwear should also be worn.

4.Follow correct procedures

Always store products in a cool, dark place where spillages can be contained. Always make sure that all caps are screwed back on containers securely. Always read instruction labels on the back of products.

5.Training and supervision

Always train and supervise workers appropriately. Instill safe working procedures and practices to ensure a safe working environment for all.